Colorado's Front Range communities are looking for ways to meet their growing demand for water. For many this means transitioning from relying on finite deep aquifers to accessing renewable supplies—systems that do not rely on diversions from the Western Slope.

United is committed to working with our clients to identify renewable water resources and develop delivery and treatment systems that meet each of their unique needs.

United Helps Arapahoe Water Bring Renewable
Water System and New Reservoir On Line
Officials from United Water and Sanitation District joined state and local government dignitaries and leaders of area water districts on October 18 to dedicate Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority’s (ACWWA) Chambers Reservoir and celebrate ACWWA taking renewable water deliveries from its ACWWA Flow Project.

United played a key role in development of both the Chambers Reservoir and the ACWWA Flow Project, building the reservoir for ACWWA and acquiring the 4,400 acre-feet of renewable water that is the keystone of the ACWWA Flow Project. The Project also utilizes various pieces of United’s delivery and storage system, including United Diversion No. 3, the United No. 3 Reservoir, the Beebe Draw Raw Water Line and the Beebe Draw Well Field. The project also shares capacity in the East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Wastewater District’s (ECCV) Northern Pipeline and the ECCV Water Treatment Plant near Barr Lake. (read more...)

Introducing the new
United South Platte Streamflow
and River Calls Map

Comprehensive, real-time information aggregated
from the South Platte River Basin, including:

● River height ● Active calls on the river
● Streamflow rates ● Apparent dry-up points


Helping communities transition to renewable water sources
Delivering water more efficiently
Storing water to accommodate fluctuations in supply
Facilitating the development of water purification systems
Promoting intergovernmental cooperation
Meeting challenges with innovative thinking

Creating customized water solutions for
Colorado communities
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