As a special district that develops infrastructure projects for Colorado's Front Range communities, United is committed to working with our clients to identify renewable water resources and provide delivery and treatment systems that meet each of their unique needs.

Get real-time information on the
South Platte River and its tributaries here
United South Platte River Streamflow and River Calls Map
United Water and Sanitation District’s South Platte River Basin Map aggregates hourly data from a variety of sources, including the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the Colorado Division of Water Resources, providing comprehensive streamflow information aggregated from the South Platte River Basin. Map users can scroll over dozens of river locations to get valuable and timely information, including:
● River height (ft.)
● Streamflow rates in cubic feet per second (cfs)
● Active calls on the river
● Apparent dry-up points
The map encompasses all of the South Platte River basin – including each of the 16 Districts included in Water Division 1 of the Colorado Division of Water Resources

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